Business Security

A personalized operational center.

Trigger’s Reports provides access to an autonomous communication, information and geolocation system for your offices and staff.

Because everyone has the right to information in the event of a major crisis.

Inform efficiently, in just a few clicks

Create an internal and secure communication network. Trigger's Reports allows you to create your platform and your application to be able to inform but also to keep an eye on your employees and your installations. It also offers the possibility of being informed in real time on several geographical areas in the world.

Affordable for all

An inexpensive system accessible to all businesses, developed for small and medium-sized businesses. The Trigger's Reports platform has been designed - based on our field experience - so that you can manage many aspects of your corporate security communication and be in compliance with current due diligence obligations.

Are you in charge of a company or an NGO?

Trigger's Reports alerts its users to major crises in the geographic area of their choice. They can thus immediately alert their employees and all working people in the company. The alerts are provided by major media partners, including AFP.

Mobile phones without internet connection

Inform your employees regardless of their type of device, smartphone or not.

Real-time AFP alerts

Recevez des informations via notre partenaire AFP ou directement de votre cellule de crise.

Expats and locals

Create your alert message directly to the travelers, expatriates and / or nationals concerned.

Your installations all over the world

Locate your offices around the world and identify the people who belong to them.

Need a demonstration?

Request a demo now, and find out how we can help you communicate security in your business.