Corporate Security

Examples of use

  • Highly accurate intelligence using data and data visualization to detect weak signals, trends, scenarios, areas of vulnerability.
  • Risk analysis/anticipation: risks endemic to an area, risks related to upcoming events (election, demonstration, weather disturbance…)

  • Decision support for security managers and executives : is it a good idea to locate in such and such a place, is it safe to use such and such a route when traveling, etc.?
  • Geolocation allows you to have a global vision of your employees’ current and future movements. In case of an event, you know how many are potentially impacted and you can quickly check if everyone is safe or guide them to a safe area.
Accessible to all
  • An inexpensive system accessible to companies of all sizes.
  • Trigger’s Reports is a solution developed in Africa, for Africa, with all the guarantees of reliability and tools of powerful visualizations that add real value.


Are you in charge of a company or an NGO?

Trigger’s Reports alerts its users to major crises in the geographical area of their choice. They can then immediately alert their colleagues. The alerts are provided by major media partners, including AFP.

Mobiles without internet connection

Inform your employees regardless of their device type, smartphone or not.

Real-time AFP alerts

Receive information via our partner AFP or directly from your crisis unit.

Dashboard of actions and reporting

A personalized dashboard for your actions and reporting

Expatriates and locals

Create your alert message directly to the concerned travelers, expatriates and/or nationals.

Your installations all over the world

Locate your offices around the world and identify the people attached to them.

Maximum security

Opt for maximum security with the installation of your application on your servers