About Trigger’s Report

  • I launched the Trigger’s Reports app in 2017 to allow individuals to reassure their loved ones in the event of a crisis. With my family, I myself have been confronted with emergency situations, related to natural disasters (Indonesian tsunami) or violent security events (Bali, Bamako and Bassam attacks). I wanted an easy-to-use tool to both alert loved ones and to ask them if everything was okay.
  • I then decided to develop a solution for companies. Trigger’s Reports is now also a unique platform for managing the security of all employees.
  • Already deployed in 10 countries in West Africa for the benefit of 16,000 people, it features the latest technologies. It allows the company to receive security alert reports by geographical area, to geolocate all its personnel and assets and to communicate with them.

  • Faced with the rise of insecurity in Africa, and the duty of care for employers, Trigger’s Reports provides a simple, reliable, easy to use and competitive solution.

  • Currently, in Africa, security and safety are still too often neglected by companies, while others use means that are neither adapted nor secure (for example whatsapp groups). Moreover, fake news is spreading at high speed via social networks.

  • To do prevention, to react correctly in case of a crisis, to make the right decisions or to do planning, companies need fast, reliable and complete information. Too often, people either receive the wrong information or they receive the right information but too late.

  • Trigger’s Reports meets the needs of companies, thanks to a solution developed in Africa, for Africa, with all the guarantees of reliability and powerful visualization tools that provide real added value.

  • Trigger’s Reports combines the best of human intelligence and technology to help you keep your people safe in Africa.”

Morgan Hanin

 founder and CEO of Trigger’s Reports