Risk analysis

A deteriorating security context in Africa

MINUSMA/Harandane Dicko
  • African countries face many security challenges, such as cross-border and transnational crime, money laundering, maritime piracy and drug trafficking, which are real obstacles to their economic development and the security of their populations.
  • In addition to these threats, since the 1990s, radicalism and terrorism have become major risks to peace and global security. The expansion of the terrorist threat from the Sahel-Saharan strip to the coastal countries of West Africa is unfortunately a reality.

Not to mention political instability in some African countries, which can result in coups d’état, demonstrations and even riots. We note an increase of 91% in the number of violent events in Africa in 2021 compared to 2017 (source: opensources).

More than 33,000 acts of violence occurred in 2021, including terrorist attacks, suppressed riots and mob violence.

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